About Us

Our vision: Better health and improved wellbeing for people in Melbourne’s west.

Our mission: To build a strong health system in Melbourne’s west. 

First established in 2011, the Better Health Plan for the West (BHP4W) is a regional partnership of diverse stakeholders working to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Melbourne’s western region by building a strong health system. First established in 2011, the
partnership brings together the expertise of members working in:

Due to the dynamic and rapidly evolving health system and policy
landscape, with significant reform at State and Commonwealth
levels, the BHP4W Governance Group agreed to move to a
regional forum model following the conclusion of the most recent
Partnership Framework 2017–2021.

The BHP4W partnership will continue to work collectively to
achieve improvements in the health and wellbeing of people living
in Melbourne’s west.

Read more about our vision and principles in the BHP4W partnership framework.

Read more about how the partnership is evolving in 2022 here.